John M. White

Artificial Hatch



John White brillantly captures the joy and excitement fish must experience in the presence of a fresh insect hatch. White, also an accomplished fisherman, is bringing us as close as humanly possible to not only the visual experience, but the visceral experience, as well. The new hatch allows the fish to gorge effortlessly until sated, before returning to the depths of the water to resume the hunt.

This series of paintings titled Artificial Hatch, convey the same visual frenzy of activity that White has been noted for in his early work. Since the 60ís his diagrammatic, notational style of work draws from everything as varied as his experiences on the golf course to therapy notations. Most recently, his abstracted landscapes of imagined underwater activity, Deep Sea Scapes, start to develop the strokes and symbols that the viewer soon discovers resemble sunlight coming through the water, schools of fish moving about, or emerging plant life, all from a fish eye point of view.

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